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Quickly and easily discover electrical and mechanical performance of electric motors, and evaluate power quality with a single test tool
The Fluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer adds key mechanical measurement capabilities for electric motors to the advanced power quality analysis functions of the Fluke 435 Series II Power Quality Analyzers. Quickly and easily measure and analyze key electrical and mechanical performance parameters such as power, harmonics, unbalance, motor speed, torque and mechanical power without the need of mechanical sensors. Fluke 434-II, 435-II and 437-II Power Quality Analyzer users can add motor analysis capabilities to their existing units with the Fluke-438-II/MA Motor Analyzer upgrade kit. The 438-II uses data from the motor rating plate for either NEMA or IEC rated motors to aid the calculation of the mechanical parameters.
Key features:
The 438-II Power Quality Analyzer & Motor Analyzer helps you effectively evaluate electrical and mechanical performance just by hooking up voltage and measuring current, providing you with an unprecedented level of data.
Brings key motor analysis parameters like speed, torque and mechanical power and calculates motor efficiency without mechanical sensors
Includes full power quality and electrical energy analyzer functionality
Highest safety rating in industry; 1000 V CAT III / 600 V CAT IV

Drive Measurement Details

Motor Type 3 phase asynchronous (induction)
Power Source Variable Frequency Drive
Motor Frequency Range 40Hz to 70Hz
Over/Under Voltage from Nominal V/f Curve (%) -15% to +15%
Carrier Frequency Range 2.5kHz–20kHz
Variable speed drive technology that is covered by the 438-II
Inverter Type VSI only (voltage controlled) *
Control Method V/f control, open-loop vector, closed loop vector, drives with encoders.
40 to 70 Hz
Variable speed drive technology NOT covered by the 438-II
Inverter Type CSI (current source inverter)
Motors type Synchronous (DC, stepper, permanent magnet etc.)
Motor Frequency <40 and >70 Hz
Mechanical specifications:
Mechanical measurements can be performed on direct online motors with a 3 wire connection.
Motor measurement
  Range Resolution Accuracy    Default limit
Mechanical motor
0.7 kW to 746 kW
1 hp to 1000 hp 0.1 kW
0.1 kW
0.1 hp
±3% 1
±3% 1
100% = rated power
100% = rated power
0 Nm to 10 000 Nm
0 lb ft to 10 000 lb ft
0.1 Nm
0.1 lb ft
±5% 1
±5% 1
100% = rated torque
100% = rated torque
rpm 0 rpm to 3600 rpm 1 rpm ±3% 1 00% = rated rpm
Efficiency 0% to 100% 0.10% ±3% 1 NA
Unbalance (NEMA) 0% to 100% 0.10% ±0.15% 5%
Harmonics Voltage
Factor (NEMA)
0 to 0.20 0.1 ±1.5% 0.15
Unbalance Derating
0.7 to 1.0 0.1 indicative NA
Harmonics Derating
0.7 to 1.0 0.1 indicative NA
Total NEMA Derating
0.5 to 1.0 0.1 indicative NA
Models: Fluke 438-II Power Quality Analyzer & Motor Analyzer
Fluke-438-IIFluke 438-II Power Quality and Motor Analyzer
Test lead set
i430 Thin flexible current probes (4)
Power adapter
Combination WiFi/SD card
Soft carry case
CD Rom with PowerLog 430-II software and user documentation