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MT686 Portable Test System

The state of the art test system MT681 consist of a class 0.1 reference meter (MT686 class 0.05) with built-in current source up to 100 A. It is particularly designed for analysis of complete metering installations and local mains conditions. The equipment offers high functionality combined with an excellent menu guided operation via built-in soft-keys and coloured 6.4” LCD-display or optionally via corresponding software and PC.
Verification of the load conditions on metering installations
- Verification of the energy registration
- Testing of meters with accuracy classes 1 and 2
- 4 Quadrant measurement
- Frequency-, phase angle and power measurement
- Independent generation of load conditions by using incoming voltage from the grid
- Testing of 3 or 4 wire systems with pulse output
- Harmonic spectrum analysis
- Wave form analysis
- Available as:
- ccuracy class 0.1 (MT681)
- Accuracy class 0.05 (MT686) 


- User friendly menu guided operation
- Vector diagram display and phase sequence indication on integrated colour-screen
- Extendable compact flash memory for storage of customer data and measurement results
- Easy verification and analysis of meter installations
- No additional error for reactive measurements
- Automatic operation without need of an external PC 
Phases 3
Generation 100 A
Accuracy class 0.05
Display 6,4“
Main functions
Generation and direct measurement up to 100 A / 300 V (mains)
Current measurement (only via special current clamps) up to 10000 A
Scope of application On-site measurement with load simulation, if required
Specials Automatic measurement


Vectorial Display 
The coloured vector diagram display for voltage and current makes it very easy to detect wiring faults in voltage and current circuits.All measured values can be stored on the Compact-Flash-Memory according to the customer information data.
Error Measurement 
By entering all relevant test parameters, like meter constant and the number of pulses, the system can perform the error measurement on electricity meters. The percentage error including all statistical values can be stored according to the customer information data. In order to inform the operator about the status of the measurement a bar graph indicates
continuously the measured energy as well as the detected metrology pulses from the unit under test
Automatic Operation 
By using predefined test routines the MT68x system can operate automatically without need of an external PC. 
Harmonic Measurement
Due to the high sampling rate of the working standard the MT68x is able to measure harmonics in voltage and current up to the 40th THD (conform to the voltage quality norm DIN EN 50160). The measured harmonic spectrum can be displayed in a chart or in a logarithmic diagram.