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Lightweight design, heavyweight performance

R&S®ZNH is a full two-port handheld vector network analyzer that offers one-port cable and antenna measurement and full two-port S-parameter measurements. The touch based interface is simple to operate and a configuration overview menu makes measurement preparation more efficient. The R&S®ZNH may have a small form factor but it is complete in every detail and delivers high performance and all the key functionalities.

Key facts

  • Frequency range from 30 kHz to 4/8/18/26.5 GHz

  • One-port cable and antenna measurement with basic instrument

  • S-parameter (S11, S12, S21, S22) measurement with basic instrument

  • 100 dB (typ.) dynamic range for filter and antenna isolation measurements

  • Non-reflective display, small form factor, ruggedized housing (IP51)


Impedance   50 ?
Test port connector R&S®ZNH4 type N, female
R&S®ZNH8 type N, female
R&S®ZNH18 type N, female
R&S®ZNH26 3.5 mm, male
Number of test ports   2
Frequency range 1 R&S®ZNH4 30 kHz to 4 GHz
R&S®ZNH8 30 kHz to 8 GHz
R&S®ZNH18 30 kHz to 18 GHz
R&S®ZNH26 30 kHz to 26.5 GHz
Reference frequency, internal
Total reference accuracy   ±(time since last adjustment × aging rate)
+ temperature drift + calibration accuracy
Aging per year   ±1 × 10–6
Temperature drift 0 °C to +50 °C ±1 × 10–6
Achievable initial calibration accuracy   ±5 × 10–7
Frequency resolution   1 Hz
Number of measurement points per trace 3 to 16001
Measurement bandwidth 1/3/10 steps 10 Hz to 100 kHz
Measurement speed preset mode, TransNorm P1/P2, number
of points: 201, IF bandwidth 100 kHz
761 µs per point


Available Models:

Model name Frequency Range Number of ports Cat functionality S parameter RF connector Starting AT
R&S®ZNH4,                                         Order number 1321.1611.04 4 GHz 2 Standard standard N EUR 11,0001
Order number 1321.1611.08
8 GHz 2 Standard standard N EUR 17,0001
R&S®ZNH18, Order number 1321.1611.18 18 GHz 2 Standard standard N EUR 25,0001
R&S®ZNH26 26.5 GHz 2 Standard standard PC 3.5mm EUR 30,0001