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Stationary Meter Test Systems

Today Meter Test Technology is much more than only testing accuracy and functionality of a conventional electricity meters. With implementation of SmartMeters a complex test and data management system is required. – It’s a good thing to have experts by your side.
ZERA is your competent and reliable partner on the area of automated testing technology especially for the testing of electricity meters and working standards. Using modern technology and having more than 75 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of meter test systems and components, ZERA supplies customized systems to metrological institutes, test laboratories of energy provider and meter manufacturer all over the world.
ZERA equipment consists the latest power electronic developments, newest digital measurement engineering and system-control software solutions according to the actual standards. We supply complete system solutions as a single solution provider in the approved ZERA quality. 


Due to this competence and experience as well as our situation in the market as an independent manufacturer of automated esting technology – but not as a meter manufacturer – ZERA becomes a partner of all major meter manufacturer around the world. Already in the development stage of new electricity meter we are involved and can modify our test equipment to the earliest possible date to the newest requirements.
The modular test system, developed by ZERA allows customized configurations on the hardware, as well as the software side, individual adapted to your special test requirements. So you can act economical and future-proof. The development of the multi-functional meters has increased demands for the test systems. ZERA’s product range with a multiplicity of new developed products, represents an optimum in technological and in economic point of view. Furthermore ZERA disposes likewise of an extensive experience for optimization and automation of test sequences as well as with the connectivity of the test systems to superior hierarchy data management systems (e.g. SAP, ISV, RIVA etc.). 
Our modern test systems are suitable for economic testing of all types of meters as well as static meter of class 0.2. Measurements can be performed according to actual standards e.g. IEC, PTB, EN or other national standards. The systems are equipped with a highly precise power generation, a static reference meter, powerful measuring electronic for error calculation, pulse processing and data communication as well as with universal meter suspensions and meter connecting devices. The modular test system, developed by ZERA and described on the following pages allows us to offer you an individual powerful system solution. 
The product series MTS, developed by ZERA, is based on digital switch mode amplifier modules and allow the combination of the different amplifiers with the function generator FG301 to a MTS power source system. By this modular concept an upgrading or modification is possible all the time. The advantages of a ZERA power source system: 
The digital Frequency Generator FG301 can be combined with all amplifier modules of the different power classes
- To increase the output power amplifier modules can be cascaded
- User-friendly by easy replacing of particular modules for system upgrading
- Flexibility by combination of the Frequency Generator FG301 with different reference standard e.g. EPZ103/303 and COM3003
By the use of most modern power electronics components the power source system of ZERA is characterized by an extremely compact design.
All components of the MTS power source system for generation of the test values are located in the source cabinet:
- Frequency generator for signal generation, actual value processing and digital i/o unit
- Reference standard of class 0.02
- Voltage amplifiers with integrated mains power supply unit
- Current amplifiers with integrated mains power supply unit
By the conception of the MTS series ZERA has attached importance to:
- Highest quality of the signals, minimal harmonic distortion
- High stability and accuracy of the test values under all existing loads in the power factor range up to 0.25
- High efficiency, free of mains distortions according to EN 60555-1/IEC 555 by power factor compensation
- Designed for the generation of harmonics, ripple control signals and non-sinusoidal waveforms