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WinSAM 7 Software for Meter Testing

We offer a wide range of useful tools starting with control of test procedures up to visualization and management of measurement data.

A clear design and function extensions:
WinSAM 7 guides you through the single tasks of meter testing. If portable or stationary – WinSAM 7offers the control of devices and systems, the integration of data management software MTVis and a report generator for individual creation of your test reports.

Control of stationarym Meter Test Systems and portable devices

WinSAM serves for controlling and testing of Meter Test Systems and portable devices*. It contains of individual programs that completes the package for meter testing. Whether configuration,generating individual test procedures, manual or automatic control – WinSAM provides a variety of functions.
Individual test sequences
The quantity of meter types is continuously increasing. Each meter type requires individual test procedures according to its specifications. WinSAM offers an extensive range for individualisation. 
Specialised programs 
WinSAM contains seven individual programs. Each program includes only the features you need for your special task. This keeps the program simple, the scope of functions clear and tasks can be managed faster.


Main functions
Configuration of test device and system environment
Compilation of individual test sequences and data logs
Scope of application
Controlling and testing of Meter Test Systems
Manual control of portable devices of our MT series
Integration of data management software MTVIS
Report generator
Generator to create defined test sequences
Communication via tablet pc or iPad is possible
Breaker test (depending on the hardware)
Burden measurement (depending on the hardware)


Inside the Configuration program themworking environment can be individually adapted to the system environment. Information concerning the hardware, path specifications, user rights or settings for the handheld terminal are entered here.
Manual operation 
Sometimes it is not necessary to execute an entire test sequence, as only individual functions are required for example to check the technical specifications of a meter before compiling an automated test sequence. Manual program is used for manual control of the entire test system. It allows direct execution of individual functions without the need to integrate them into a full test sequence. Several test steps can be opened at the same time. Test steps executed with the Manual program are not included in the test report.