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Product overview: Fluke TiS55 plus Thermal Camera

Rugged. Reliable. Accurate.

At Fluke, we know accidents happen—tools will be dropped, kicked, stepped on or knocked over. You shouldn’t have to replace a tool because it fell off the workbench or was splashed with water or dirt. That’s why we designed the TiS55 plus thermal camera to withstand a 2-meter drop and be water/dust resistant (IP54). You need to know that your camera will start up every time.

Ditch the clipboard

With so many inspections in your day, it can be hard to remember what you saw and where that was. Maybe you carry around a clipboard to jot down notes onto. The TiS55 plus comes with built-in personal assistants, which means you can finally ditch the clipboard and have all the information you need in the images you take, including:

Voice annotation

Record up to 60 seconds per thermal image

Identify exactly what you see in real time


Take photos of asset numbers and other identifiers

Use as a reference when looking at the thermal image on your computer

Asset Tagging

Sort your thermal images by asset

Scan a QR code on your asset, then start capturing thermal images

Connect your camera to your computer to view the images, sorted by asset


Key features

  • 256 x 192 infrared resolution
  • Asset Tagging
  • Touchscreen IR Fusion™
  • Manual and fixed focus
  • Measure up to 550 °C
  • Engineered to withstand 2 meter drop
Key Features TiS55 plus
Infrared resolution 256 x 192 (49,152 pixels)
IFOV 1.91 mRad
Field of view 28° x 20°
Minimum focus distance 0.15 m when using manual focus. 0.5 m when using focus marker
Focus system Manual focus and fixed focus detent at 1 meter focus position
Wireless connectivity Yes, to PC, iPhone® and iPad® (iOS 4s and later), Android 4.3 and up, and WiFi and LAN (where available)
Fluke Connect app compatible Yes, connect your camera to your smartphone, and images taken automatically upload to the Fluke Connect app for saving and sharing
Fluke Connect Assets optional software Yes, assign images to assets and create work orders. Easily compare measurement types - whether mechanical, electrical or infrared images - in one location
Asset Tagging Scan a QR code to automatically organize and file thermal images with Fluke Connect™
IR-Fusion technology AutoBlend continuous 0 % to 100 %. Adds the context of the visible details to your infrared image
Picture-InPicture (PIP) Yes
Display 3.5" (8.9 cm landscape) touchscreen 640 x 480 LCD
Ergonomic design Designed for one-handed use
Thermal sensitivity 40mk
Level and span Smooth auto and manual scaling
Fast auto-rescale in manual mode Yes
Minimum span (in manual mode) 3°C (4.5 °F)
Minimum span (In auto mode) 5°C (9.0 °F)
Built-in digital camera (visible light) 5mp
Frame rate 9 Hz or 27 Hz models
Dew point calculation No
Data storage and image capture  
Internal memory ∼500 images
External memory ≥4 GB SD card (>1000 images)
Image capture, review, save mechanism One-handed image capture, review, and save capability
Image file formats Non-radiometric BMP or JPEG or fully-radiometric is2
Memory review Yes
Software Fluke Connect software—full analysis and reporting software with access to the Fluke Connect
Analyze and store radiometric data on a PC Yes
Export file formats with Fluke Connect software is2, BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
Voice annotation Yes, 60 second maximum audio recording via Bluetooth Audio Headset Profile (HSP) connection to external device.
IR-PhotoNotes Yes. Up to 1 extra user-selectable visible light image capture to be included in IS2 file.
Text annotations After IS2 capture, user can type in a note using on-screen keyboard.
Video recording and formats No
Remote control operations No

Fluke TiS55 plus Thermal Camera 27HZ

Fluke TiS55 plus Thermal Camera 27HZ


Thermal imager

AC power supply   including universal AC adapters

One rugged lithium ion smart batteries

USB cable

4 GB micro SD card

Rugged hard carrying case with soft transport bag and adjustable hand strap