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The R&S®ZNLE makes vector network analyzer measurements as easy as ABC: easy to configure, easy to calibrate, easy to measure. The renowned high-quality design, an innovative user interface and its compact size make the R&S®ZNLE ideal for basic VNA applications.
Compact standalone vector network analyzer
with fully integrated computer.
Fast measurement speeds.
Innovative user interface and wide 10.1’’
Windows 10 operating system.
Use of calibration units.
Frequency range R&S®ZNLE6 1 MHz to 6 GHz
  R&S®ZNLE3 1 MHz to 3 GHz
Measurement time 201 points, 100 kHz IFBW, 200 MHz         9.6 ms
                                                   span,  full two-port calibration
Data transfer                              IEC/IEEE (201 points) 3.0 ms (typ.)
  HiSLIP with 1 Gbit/s LAN typ. 2.5 ms
Dynamic range 10 Hz measurement bandwidth up to > 120 dB (typ.)
Output power up to +2 dBm (typ.)
Measurement bandwidths                                                                            1 Hz to 500 kHz (in steps of 1/1.5/2/3/5/7)
Frequency resolution 1 Hz
Measurement points per trace                                                                         1 to 5001
Operating system Windows 10

Model: R&S ZNLE Vector Network Analyzer