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SFRA 5000 is a standalone sweep frequency response analyzer for the high accuracy transformer analysis and integrates the STS and TD 5000 family test sets.
The SFRA 5000 offers both high precision and portability in a single package, providing all the accessories required for fast, easy to use, reliable and repeatable measurements.Without the need for a PC to compare transformer fingerprints, the SFRA 5000 decreases test time enabling the engineer to complete testing in a much shorter period of time than previously possible.SFRA 5000 is provided with its own embedded software, giving the possibility to the engineer to zoom into a portion of the sweep in order to inspect any differences in the plot in more detail during or after a sweep. This enables diagnosis of transformer faults early on in a transformer sweep, without the need for a PC.
Standalone high accuracy transformer analysis.
Leading wideband accuracy: basic 0.02dB with class leading high frequency performance.
Leading phase accuracy: 0.05 degrees basic.
Wide frequency range: 5Hz to 45MHz.
Full colour VGA display enabling engineer to perform and store measurement in the field without a PC.
PC software included: remote control, tables, graphs and database management of results.
USB, RS232 and LAN interfaces.
LCR mode: fully functional LCR meter to measure transformer LCR parameters.
Various measurement modes: FRA, RMS, LCR, Scope.
Compliant to IEC60076-18 standard.
Light and easy to carry.
Frequency response analyzer
. Measurement: Magnitude, Gain (CH1/CH2, CH2/CH1), Gain
(dB), offset gain (dB), phase(°)
. Frequency Range: 5Hz - 45MHz
. Gain Accuracy in dB:
0.02dB <50kHz
0.02dB + 0.05dB/MHz < 5MHz
0.1dB + 0.04dB/MHz < 45MHz
. Phase Accuracy:
0.05° < 10kHz
0.07° + 0.0009°/kHz < 5MHz
5.05° + 0.0001°/kHz < 45MHz
. Frequency Source: Generator
. Measurement: Real Time DFT, no missing data
. Speed: Up to 100 readings per second
. Filter: Selectable from 0.2 seconds
. Resolution: 5 or 6 digits
. Input Impedance: 50 Ohm or 1M Ohm High Impedance
. Dynamic Range: 120dB
. Repeatability: between 0 and 100 dB.
L C R Meter
. Functions: L, C, R (AC), Q, Tan Delta, Impedance, Phase - Series
or Parallel Circuit
. Frequency Range: 5Hz - 5MHz
. Current Shunt: 50R Internal or External
. Ranges: Inductance, Capacitance, Resistance
. Basic Accuracy: 0.5% + 2%/MHz
. Sweep Capability: All AC functions
. Impedance Range: 100mOhm to 100kOhm.
True RMS Voltmeter
. Channels: 2 (Ground Referenced)
. Frequency Range: 5Hz -5MHz
. Measurement: AC RMS, Peak, CF, Surge, dBm
. Basic Accuracy (AC):
0.05% range + 0.05% reading + 0.1mV < 1kHz
0.15% range + 0.15% reading + 0.1mV < 10kHz
0.5% range + 0.5% reading + 0.025%/kHz + 0.4mV < 5MHz.

Model: SFRA 5000 - Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer


Probes: 2x Probes
Leads: 3x BNC to BNC (Output, CH1, CH2), RS232, Power
Software: CommView, SFRACoMM
Documentation: Calibration Certificate, User Manual.