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TDMS is a powerful software package providing data management for acceptance and maintenance testing activities. Electrical apparatus data and test results are saved in the TDMS database for historical results analysis.
TDMS software organizes test data and results for the majority of electrical apparatus tested with ISA test sets and related software.
The TDMS software platform allows the user to select  easily and quickly the most appropriate software package for the required application.TDMS test software uses an open architecture easily expandable with additional software modules at any time.
The TDMS Package can be used to test any protective relays in:
- Power Generation Plants  
- Distribution network.   
- Transmission network.   
-  Industries.
TDMS software is also a powerful database. It allows to create an electrical network with substations, feeders and the majority of electrical apparatus, such as:
- Protective Relays
- Instrument transformers
- Power transformers
- Circuit Breakers
- Energy Meters
- Transducers
- Power Quality Meters
- Ground Grids
- Batteries
Playback  Waveform:reproduction of transient signals and waveform generation. 
- Playing back transient signal from digital fault recorders     and numerical relays.  
- Analysis of relay operating time.  
- Graphical view and replay of analog and binary signals.  Impedance locus display.  
- Scale, cut, copy and paste of analog signals.  
- Supported file formats: COMTRADE, Excel.   
- Test reports for printing or exporting in Windows  
   TXT or WMF  formats.
Manual control: test it as you like it
The manual control module has the following main characteristics:.  
- Intuitive graphical user interface.  
- Virtual Front Panel control.  
- Graphical Vector control.   
- Ramp Test:sequence of tests with the ability of ramping any    parameter up or down at the same time.   
- Threshold  test: automatic determination of a threshold      (current, voltage, frequency, phase angle).  
- Rate of change (gradient) tests of frequency,voltage,    current, phase-angle and V dc (Dx/Dt).  
- The Harmonic generation module allows creating any wave form distortion.   
- The Report Manager allows test report customization to user    requirements; results are exported in Windows formats.
TDMS software controls and provides data acquisition from all ISA Test:
- DRTS 66, DRTS 64, DRTS 34, DRTS 33, DRTS 6, DRTS 3+
- T 1000+,TD 1000+, RELTEST
- STS 5000, STS 4000, STS 3000 light, T 2000 and T 3000
- CBA 1000 and  CBA 2000
- BTS 200